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Was so busy this past Friday I didn’t post an update for myself.

I’ve been slacking pretty bad, no going to lie! I made sure to eat as well as I could during the holiday weekend and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Had my Herbalife shake this morning, a decent lunch and a dinner. With this job it’s very hard to have 2 shakes, so I’m trying to just eat as healthy as possible for lunch and sticking with my vitamins.

I’m hoping to take my personal blender to work with me starting next week so I can make a chocolate/cookies and cream shake for lunch everyday.

I’ll stick with doing this every Friday more in depth, I might even weigh myself this coming Friday!

Started my Herbalife program again this past Monday! (May 12th 2014)

This time I decided to go with the Ultimate program instead of the Advanced.

I had lost 10lbs in 3weeks with the Advanced. (and gained it all back within one week filled with awful eating choices and lack of exercise, plus a horrible relapse of my binge eating disorder)

The Ultimate program is a little more intense. more pills. A lot more pills. I take 14 or so pills a day now. Yikes! Plus 2 shakes, and one full meal.

(*** Don’t get me wrong, I love this program, but 14 pills a day is weird! )

With the Advanced program I felt like I had a lot of energy when I first started the program, but with the Ultimate, I feel very sluggish. But, that could be due to the weather and my cycle being this week, I guess I’ll find out when the weather breaks and my cycle ends!

I decided to start blogging more about this journey, so that maybe it will motivate me to stay on track this time!

When I originally started this (back in like February) I weighed in at 173lbs. I had lost a solid 10lbs, but gained it back due to poor choices…so now I’m weighing in at 167lbs.

I have not yet started back in the gym, since I also started a new job this past Monday, I wanted to try to figure out a set schedule/routine first. I think I’m going to wait another week until I put myself back in the gym atmosphere, mostly so that my body can get used to the Herbalife again, and because my schedule is still messy with working and school. (excuses, I know, but I WILL start hardcore working out before the end of May. promise.)

My main goal is to feel better about myself. I no longer have a goal weight in mind. I would like to be somewhere around 140, but depending on the amount of muscle I gain, I might find that I’m perfectly happy at a higher, or lower weight! So I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

I’ll be posting updates every Friday night, so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be posting about have more energy and a set routine!

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